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Family Dinner

Students sleeping outside, in cars and in campers, and with others in unstable and sometimes dangerous circumstances is a harsh reality. A survey of N.C. State students in 2017 indicated that almost 10% of students experienced homelessness in the prior year. That rate of homelessness climbed to 15% during the pandemic, a rate consistent with other U. S. campuses.


University housing is an option for students on some campuses, but there is not sufficient on-campus housing for everyone who needs it, and dorms are not affordable for many students. Some universities offer small grants in emergencies, but funds are minimal. Most students without homes use financial aid, take student loans, and work several jobs; those funds don't stretch far enough in the expensive Raleigh housing market.


Every college student deserves an opportunity to thrive.

Every graduate is an asset to our community.

Housing Options for Students Today

HOST is a community-engaged strategy to address housing needs without costly emergency shelters or transitional housing programs. HOST requires no infrastructure investment, making it highly cost-efficient.


A group of students, experts, & advocates devoted two years to planning and launching HOST, a program based on best-practice host home models.


HOST matches students who need short-term housing with hosts who provide a safe, private, affirming space in their homes. Volunteer hosts are vetted and receive ongoing support to ensure access to resources and training in boundary-setting, managing expectations, conflict mediation, & cultural humility. Students prepare for long-term stable housing with support from a caring case manager advocate.


HOST was designed with the support of Point Source Youth, a national leader in solutions to youth homelessness with proven results. HOST is the first host home program specifically for college students in the U.S.

Our Mission

To prevent college student homelessness by providing temporary safe and stable housing in the homes of local hosts and assisting students to exit the host home into permanent housing.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every college student in Wake County NC is safely and stably housed while they pursue their academic goals.

Student Stories

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