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Welcome to the "Student" page! Here, you can learn a little about what it means to be a student in HOST, what HOST will provide, and how to join the program. 

Our mission

  • To prevent student homelessness by providing a safe, stable, and welcoming place to stay in local households while assisting students in acquiring permanent housing 

Additional Support

  • Students will work with the HOST case manager to understand, find, and acquire resources or implement changes that they can incorporate into their lives to adapt to their needs

What HOST offers

  • A free place to stay in a local household for anywhere from a few days to up to 6 months

  • Private bedroom space with a bed, a shared or private bath, and access to the kitchen

Student Eligibility

  • Enrolled in University or College

  • Living in Wake County

What HOSTs are not required to provide

  • Meals

  • Transportation

  • Hosts and students are welcome to come to an agreement on either of the two above, but hosts aren't obligated to do so

Documentation HOST needs

  • Verification of enrollment

  • Financial Clearance

How to join HOST

Below is a list of different universities in Wake County and how to get a referral from them to the program. 

NC State: Pack Essentials (Online Application)

  • Students will go through MyPack Portal to fill the application

  • Students can mention HOST in their application

Wake Tech: Care Center

  • Wake Tech Care Centers (located in 4 different campus locations)

  • Students can also call or email the care centers if there are none near them

Shaw University


Meredith, Saint Augustine's, William Peace

  • Students will reach out to HOST directly by clicking the button below and filling out the online form

Student Resource Guide

Click on the button below for a student resource guide for Wake County. The resource guide is full of information for students' everyday needs, along with guidance on how to apply to things like healthcare or links to programs that can help!

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