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Working Together on Project

Meet The Team

Libby Stephens brings over twenty years of non-profit experience to her role leading the program development and ongoing management of the HOST Program. Libby grew up in West Virginia, graduated from Marshall University with a B.A. in History, and received a Masters of Divinity from the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, VA. Outside of work time, Libby enjoys cooking and camping (even better is cooking while camping) with her husband and son. She is also a very persistent, but inept, gardener and an avid reader. 

Libby is excited to work with the HOST Program because it is a solution to housing instability that is about building connections and relationships between people. Before a student moves into a host home, the student and host will sit down together to get to know each other and talk about expectations and boundaries. Whether a student stays a week, a month, or a semester, sharing a home and intermingling their lives can be a life-changing experience for both hosts and students.  

Alden Hearn is working with the HOST program through Passage Home, a local non-profit, partnering with HOST. They bring their experience providing case management services and navigating the difficulties of securing housing in Raleigh at a time when the cost of living for students continues to rise rapidly. In their spare time, Alden enjoys walking around Raleigh, relaxing with their cats, and organizing games of Dungeons and Dragons.


A Raleigh native, Alden has been on NCSU campus as a student and as an employee for over 15 years. They are thrilled for the opportunity to assist students in accessing resources and connecting them with the support they need to achieve housing stability and academic success.

Board of Directors

The board works in partnership with HOST staff and are ambassadors of the HOST program in community.

Board Members

Jodi Hall

Elizabeth Benefield

Tim Berry

June Taylor

Mary Haskett

Carrie Dow-Smith

Keith Martin

Annaka Sikkink

Mike Giancola

Melody Henderson

Diamond Hamilton

Sarah Wright

Fola' Olatunde

Tim McNeil

Danielle Butler

Kelsey Mosley

Chris Tew

Jenn von Egidy

Vonda Easterling

Vincent Smith

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